About Us

Family relationships can be warm and loving, especially when family members are close to one another. Strong family ties can be a source of refuge from a world that is often cold, indifferent and sometimes hostile.

But sometimes, because of this closeness, there are certain personality traits and idiosyncrasies that can be a source of mild irritation. For the most part these can be easily overlooked, and should be overlooked, because life is short and time is too precious to allow little annoyances to disrupt family harmony.

The church family can also be a source of warm and loving relationships. Here too strong family ties can offer refuge from the “storms” of life. Unity is, therefore, important. This describes well our church family at the Open Bible Church.

We would love for you to come and worship with us. I guarantee you will experience immediately this love that I am speaking of.

Blessings, Pastor Dan Spaulding

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