What is Open Bible?

Open Bible is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. Our approach to Church is kind of like family: everybody matters. You won’t find a big crowd or a polished service, but you will find people who care, and who support each other no matter what. We aspire to live by the Bible, constantly learning more about it as much as we can, and helping each other make sense of life in a strange world.

If you’re curious, come and visit! It’s about the lowest-pressure experience you can imagine. Come as you are, no need to pretend to be someone you’re not. If you don’t have transportation, just ask, and we’ll make sure you get a ride.

As for our beliefs, here are the basics:

  • We believe the scriptures are reliable, and generally mean what they say.
  • We believe that we people are pretty messed up, but can be restored to perfection through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  • God is the creator of the universe, and as such has a pretty good grasp on what’s going on. Despite how much people try to mess the universe up, God has a plan to restore everything to it’s rightful place, even you and me.